OVERVIEW The students will choose three important concepts for this assignment from chapters 1-4 from the Dees text. Each presentation must include 10-15 slides and demonstrate course-related knowledge. contation Other presentation/nThe following will be necessary: Perform academic research to support your discussion by finding and utilizing 3 scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles in addition to assigned course readings in the text and assigned library and website readings. Research should be performed in the Liberty University Online Library to ensure that scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles are chosen. ● • Including personal experiences in the speaker notes is encouraged. ● Slides should be in third person. Speaker notes can be in first person. ● ● Use current APA format for citations and references. • Write at graduate-level quality in your speaker notes. ● The title page and reference list (that can use smaller font so that it takes up no more than 1 page) are included in the 10-15 slide requirement. As you work on this assignment, consider that you are developing this PowerPoint as if you were giving a presentation to an audience. o You do not want the audience to read along with you, rather you will be presenting points on each slide that you will expand in the speaker notes as if you were making the presentation. o Each slide should be interesting/attractive to look at, but not overwhelming. Even those in the back of the audience should be able to see to fully see the presentation./nINSTRUCTIONS Following are the instructions for completing your PowerPoint presentation assignments. The title page and slide citations and references will be produced in current APA format. The content will be supported by scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles and the text, and be free of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. PowerPoint Presentation

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