POL 100-01 (Introduction to Politics and Government) Instructions This assignment consists of three essay questions. Choose two of the three questions and provide your answers in a proper essay format

(Introduction, body consisting of several thematically connected paragraphs, conclusion). Your two answers should each be approximately 600 to 900 words in length. Each answer will be worth 10 points for a total of 20 points Please type your answers using double-spaces and please submit as a single document in Word.There should be no Plagiarism.7) The material for the assignment includes class topics from the beginning of the course up to Topic 7. These topics are: Critical Concepts; Political Culture and Socialization; The Role of Political Ideas; and Challenges of Liberal Democratic Citizenship. This material is drawn from the class text Selected Readings for Political Studies 100 - An Introduction to Government and Politics and "Class Notes and Guide for Further Thinking".8) All questions will be content, but also your ability to critically engage and evaluate that content. It will not be sufficient, in other words, to merely repeat course content in your answers.You must also present you own, unique points of view. Good answers must be creative and distinctive, demonstrating both a sophisticated knowledge of course content and the critical capacity to evaluate that content. Under no circumstances should you “copy" material from either class notes or the class text into your solicit not only your understanding of course

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