Practical Task Your supervisor has asked you to build a foldable stand or rack for transporting materials around the work place. Using Autodesk Inventor 1. Create a model of your project (the model assembly must have multiple parts). • At least one of the parts must have been created by sketching to an objects face. 。 Save and upload a screenshot of the sketch here. 2. Produce three drawing o 。 One in Isometric view. One in Perspective view. One in Orthographic view. Save and upload all three drawings here. o 。 3. Choose the best view for your project and display it as: A wire frame A faceted view A solid view • Save and upload all three displays here. 4. Identify which view is ideal for explaining and presenting your project to your supervisor. Render the object so that the drawing looks as close as possible to the completed project. O • Save and upload a copy here. 5. Provide a report that details the mass and surface area of the project. • Save and upload a copy here. 6. Save a copy of your project as a CAD file and a copy in a format you can use to export to another CAD application. 。 Save and upload a copy here. 7. Provide a paragraph explaining what your project aims to accomplish and how it works. Save and upload a copy here.

Fig: 1