Problem #3: Truss Analysis in SOLIDWORKS Perform a static analysis on the same structure of Problem #1. Assign Steel alloy of equivalent modulus of elasticity as material. Show a SolidWorks plot of a) Axial Stress (annonate stress for elements 5,6 and 7) b) x - displacement (annotate displacement at the node 5) c) y - displacement of the loaded structure. (annotate displacement at the node 5) d) Determine the reaction force with SolidWorks and print those forces. Compare your results from SolidWorks with your Matlab results. Discuss the results. What is the same and what is differ? Why? HINTS: Design the truss member as a part in SolidWorks. Import part instances to assemble the truss structure. Use SolidWorks Simulation and define a static analysis. • Expand the part in its elements tree. ● • • Right-click the first element and accept "treat as beam". Right click again and check "edit definition". Mark “truss" and accept the green check mark. Do this with each element. Assign materials properties to all truss elements. Choose "alloy steel". Right click "joint group" in the simulation study tree and select "edit". In the Property Manager, select All and click Calculate. Then click green check mark and accept. Apply external load to joint. • Apply restraints to all joints. Eliminate out of plane displacements for all joints and eliminate degrees of freedom where needed. Mesh the model and run the study. View the results. Result plots include: I. Axial Stress plot (1plot) II. X Displacement plot (1 plot) III. Y Displacement plot (1 plot) Make sure that you add the timestamp on your plots.

Fig: 1