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Question 33194


American History

Using at least two documents from Chapter 8,briefly explain how the institution of slavery enriched NON-SLAVE OWNERS during the 19thcentury.

Question 33193


American History

Using at least three documents from Chapter7, analyze how the development of American democracy in the early 19th century came at the expense of free Blacks.

Question 33192


American History

Using Documents 2, 7 and 8 analyze how changing British policy between 1765 and 1776threatened the interests of slave traders and enslavers in the American colonies.

Question 28221


American History

1. Compare and contrast the description of the first inauguration of George Washington with the most recent inauguration of a President.

2. What evidence is there in the documents that transportation and communication were slow?

3. What reasons are given by the representatives of the District of Kentucky for petitioning to be separated from the jurisdiction of Virginia and to be established as an independent state?

4. In reference to document 12, what is the purpose of this letter?

5. Which branch of the government appears to be the primary interpreter of the meaning of the Constitution at this time? Give examples.

Question 28220


American History

10. When was the first census to be taken?

9. If the above states conspired to control the House, what could the other states do to oppose that power?

8. Which five of the large states could control the House if they always agreed on the issues?

7. If a vote were taken on a question dealing with a trade issue, what would be the result if the states voted:

6. How many votes did each state have in the Senate (“...the Second Branch")?

5. In which house would bills for raising money originate? -

4. What government function would also be concerned with population?

3. What was the main factor that would change the appropriation of the number of representatives? Name other factors that would affect the number of representatives.

2. Which state had the largest delegation? -

1. What was the total number of members in the original House of Representatives (“... the first Branch")? - 65 members

Which two states had the smallest?

Question 28219


American History

1. Who is to meet?

2. When? -

3. Where?

4. Why? -

5. What is the date of the original document?

Question 28218


American History

1. List the duties and powers of the governor of the territory.

2. When would a district (territory) be able to establish a general assembly?

3. How was the number of representatives in the assembly determined?

4. Who was eligible to act as a representative?

6. What restriction was placed on a territory's delegate to Congress?

5. Who was eligible to act as an elector (to vote)?

7. List the inhabitants' rights protected by the ordinance.

8. What consideration was given to the Indians?

9. When would a territory be eligible to become a state?

10. What statement was made about slavery?

11. Would you consider the Northwest Ordinance to be a democratic achievement? Explain.

Question 28217


American History

1. The document is printed.

2. The handwritten notes are only someone's doodling.

3. The dates in the margin indicate the time each section was agreed to.

4. The dates are in chronological order.-

5. The earliest date is April 21, 1777. –

6. The latest date is October 27, 1777. -

7. The addition of article 2 reserved states' rights.

8. The document is undoubtedly the final draft.

9. Article 8 gave each state one vote.

10. The Articles of Confederation required a simple majority vote for ratification.

Question 17096


American History

Describe Douglass' views on his treatments and receptions in "republican"Massachusetts (a free state) with his treatment in "monarchial" Europe(England and Ireland). Also, include in your essay his views on the two voyages(to and from Europe) on the Cambia, and the bittersweet result of his return trip on that steamer.

Question 17095


American History

Discuss Frederick Douglass' relationship with John Brown. Include in your discussion: their meetings, their differences on freeing slaves, Douglass' view(supportive or unfavorable) regarding Brown's retribution on pro-slavers in Kansas, Harper's Ferry, and the government's hunt for Douglass after Harper Ferry. (100 points)

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