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Tasks to be done: 1. Literature review (general information on Chem-E-Car, reactions and reactors applied on current competed prototypes) 2. Description of possible 3 available designs (propulsion mechanism, stopping mechanism, reactor type, kinetics, etc.) 3. Engineering Analysis: a. Proposal of your unique idea to identify a need or problem or improve and existing design. b. Identify design criteria and constraints (chemicals, constructing materials, safety and environmental aspects) c. Schematic of physical prototype of the car (MS powerpoint, MS Visio, or any suitable software.

During the diagnosis of hacksaws blades failures, a company gave the following records: -10 hacksaws tested -200 hours of testing -3 hacksaws blades failed halfway through testing 1-The Failure Rate per unit hour 2-The Mean Time Between Failures 3-The expected time to repair the hacksaws, is30 minutes each. Calculate the Time To Failure

Tire of Porsche 911 turboTM A model of Porsche 911 turboTM uses the following tires. front : 235/35ZR19rear : 305/30ZR19 Determine and compare hr, and D for the front and rear tires.

A manufacturing industry using 50 servicingequipment similar to the equipment presented infigure 1. The servicing equipment is composed of fivesubsystems. The estimated reliability for eachsubsystem is: Subsystem A is 0.99 Subsystem B is 0.81 Subsystem C is 0.75 Subsystem D is 0.98 Subsystem E is 0.90 To estimate the related Annual Maintenance Cost,the servicing equipment have been tested. The record of breakdowns during the testing period is presented in the table below: Annualized Maintenance Cost by 30%. So, they decide to contract out the preventive maintenance to a service company SERVISCO. The contract will include fixed fees of 50 KD and the cost of: - Labor: 30Kd Consumables: 5KD Before signing the contract, the manufacturer performed a trial period with SERVISCO company,the new record of breakdowns presented by this company is shown below: 1-Calculate the system reliability 2-Calculate the corrective maintenance cost per month 3-Calculate the new maintenance cost if the plant will contract out the preventive maintenance service 4-Calculate the expected Annualized Maintenance Cost before and after contracting the maintenance service 5-Give the expected annual savings in maintenance cost 6-Will the firm contract out the preventive maintenance service with this company? To answer this question , you have to calculate the targeted budget.

Using s,v,a,j diagrams, determine if the polynomial listed below results in a satisfactory cam design. You must state the reason and show work to support your answer. s=C_{0}+C_{1}(\theta / \beta)+C_{2}(\theta / \beta)^{2} Where Co, C1, C2 and B are constants. At the end of the low dwell, s = 0 and0 = 0 and at the beginning of the high dwell s = h and 0 =B.

The input to the gear train shown below is 600 lb-ft at 500 RPM CW. The numbers on the gears indicate number of teeth. a. What is the input horsepower? b. What is the output speed and direction? c. What is the output horsepower if the efficiency of the gear train is 92%? d. What is the output torque at this efficiency?

For the crank-slider linkage shown shown on the next page with the corresponding nominclature set up the matrix equations to determine the unknown pin forces in x-, y-components and the unknown torque required to drive the system. For matrices other than the unknown forces, only one numeric value should be in each matrix location. Do not solve matrix equations. following is given fp1 is an external force applied at the center of gravity of link 3 FP is an applied force at the center of gravity of the slider

3. Turbo Garger

2. Knocking fuel engine and diesel engine

Problem 1. The vehicle is at rest on a blacktop road that is flat and dry (µ = 0.80). The torque curve of the vehicle has been measured and can be approximated as: T(R P M)=\left\{\begin{array}{ll} T_{\max } & R P M \leq 4800 \\ \frac{P_{\max }}{\omega} & 4800<R P M \leq 5800 \\ \frac{9.455 \times 10^{7}}{\omega^{2}} & R P M>5800 \end{array}\right. a) Sketch the motor torque and power graphs. What is the maximum speed of the vehicle and what is the motor torque and power at the max speed? b) The vehicle accelerates from rest to 60 mph as hard as possible. Calculate the power train and traction limited accelerations. What limits the acceleration performance? c) In what time would the vehicle reach 60 mph and at what distance from the start.

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