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d) Calculate the slope of the I-V in part (b).

1. Draw the circuit schematic for the voltage doubler, like Figure 4. Use an input signal of 1 kHz sine wave with an amplitude of 0.7 Vrms. Assume the forward threshold voltage of the diode is 0.4 V. Use Rs = 100 , RL = 10 kn. Assume CB is fully charged at steady state. 2. Calculate the peak output voltage at steady state. [A-2] 3. Calculate the expected peak-to-peak ripple voltage due to capacitor C₁ discharging. [A-3] 4. Calculate the DC value, which is given by the average value of the ripple wave. [X-1] To find this, you will have to find how much the output voltage discharges through RL. Then find the time-average of the steady-state DC signal during the charging and discharging cycles. 5. Record the values in Table 1. [T-1] 6. Sketch the input and output waveforms in steady state, showing two waves, clearly labeling all axes and marking all relevant voltage and time values. [A-4] [A-1]

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