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All dimensions are in inches. On your paper, 1 drawing unit represents 0.125".

Produce a multi-view drawing of the given object using 3d angle projection for manual drawing on A2-sized paper. Use view B as the front view and show section AA in its corresponding view. The drawing must be fully dimensioned and appropriately scaled. All dimensions are in mm. Make simple assumption when insufficient information is given. Please submit the assignment by 14th March 2021.

4. Level the resources (R) for the following network by the minimum-moment algorithm procedure. (40 points)

Challenge problem: If you complete the first one or feel confident in your sketching abilities, complete the isometric sketch of this object:

3. Solve the following network by the Brooks method. The resource limit is 6. (20 points)

2. Solve this resource scheduling problem with the series method. The resource limits are as follows: 4C and 3L. Note: Activities A, D, and J have no resource requirements. (20 points)

1. Solve the following by the parallel method of resource allocation. The resource limits are asfollows: 5M and 2H. (20 points)

[10] 1. Design a spiral column cross section to support Pu 500 kips and Mu= 200 ft-kip. The column is in a braced frame and has an unsupported length of 9 ft. f'c= 4,000 psi and f y = 60 ksi. Assume that the column is pin-fixed and M1 / M2 = +0.7. The column is not exposed to the environment. The maximum nd, f,0.45D f (A, / A.)–center-to-center spacing of the spirals is s < \frac{\pi d^2spfy}{0.45DCFc\mleft\lbrack\mleft(\frac{Ag}{ac}\mright)-1\mright\rbrack} where dsp = diameter of spiral, Dc = diameter of core (outside to outside of spirals), Ag= gross area, and Ac =area of core. Hint: for a spiral column, based on Cl. of ACI-318. A_{g(\text {trial})}=\frac{P_{u}}{0.55\left(f_{c}^{\prime}+f_{y} \rho_{t}\right.}

Orthographic drawing is the basis of all engineering drawing. We will focus our attention in this introduction to the fundamentals of descriptive geometry [the orthographic and isometric view]. 1. Basic definations: Define the following engineering terms. You can find most of the definitions online but be careful that they are from an engineering source. Check the due date. Pass in on paper. a. Orthographic projection b. Image Plane c. Line of Sight d. Horizontal Plane e. Frontal Plane f. Profile Plane g. Reference Plane Line h. Elevation View

1. Using a ruler, protractor and compass,draw the mechanism to scale, and label all of the angular positions (0,'sand 04's) on your drawing. This should be done on engineering paper, or printer paper. (15 points) 2. Using a protractor measure the anglesand report them. (10 points) 3. Using your MATLAB or Python code, which uses the vector loop equations and the plot vector function determine the velocities and accelerations of points A and B.Publish the results (save as a PDFfile). (20 points) Combine your results for 1-3 into asingle pdf file and upload to Quiz 3(5 points)

You are required to produce an isometric drawing with dimensions of the following object by using manual drawing techniques on A2-sized paper with standard drawing layout. All the dimensions are in mm.

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