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3. The recognition cutting sites of 2 different enzymes (enzymes A: blue star; enzyme B: red triangle) are shown in the map below. In your answer include: a) A prediction of the size (in bp) of the resulting fragments after digestion of the amplicon with the two enzymes mixed together (Mix), when each enzyme is used separately (A and B) and when no enzyme (NO) is used. b) A drawing of these fragments onto the graph below to represent a gel electrophoresis. You can either recreate the picture e.g. in PowerPoint/paint/others and then paste this in your research paper or print this, draw on it, and take a picture of it and then upload this on the research paper. Doesn't need to be perfect but the bands size difference MUST be clear.

In this lab you will first simulate the preparation of a PCR which will be carried out to amplify a fragment of a gene which may contain the causative SNP. The PCR products will then be digested with an enzyme to discover whether the 'normal type' or 'disease type' of the allele is present in your samples. The samples will then be analysed by gel electrophoresis.

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