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1. A manufacturer of ski clothing two different types of products: ski pants and ski jackets. The-profit on a pair of ski pants is $2.00 and on a jacket is $1.50. Both pants and jackets require-sewing and cutters. There are 60 hours of sewing-time and 48 hours of cutter time available. It takes 8 minutes to sew one pair of ski pants and 4minutes to sew one jacket. Cutters take 4minutes on pants and 8 minutes on a jacket.Formulate an LP model for this problem and solve it using the graphical method.

Evaluate the company's brand performance, brand image and brand feelings

MKM916 - Onboarding Experience Audit Assignment Overview The purpose of this assignment is to experience and evaluate a real-world example of interactive marketing, specifically the onboarding process.

1. Describe briefly the brand/company, its competitors (direct and indirect), products and categories the brand participates

Find any one newspaper or magazine ad which has a celebrity endorser (put the ad in your answer) and evaluate if the endorser is the right choice for the brand and its likely target market. Please answer every single sub part of the question.

The student part is Digital marketing ('website marketing') tactics and action (Sostac model), student already created the website Since our bar provide CBD infused food for website booking can u help me add some sort of verification for the age. (Like uploading id card and must register) With the website, aim is to measure booking via the website

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