MRKT 223 SEM Campaign Assignment 1 Lil Boop Boop is a new Canadian ecommerce small business which sells locally made, organic and sustainable baby clothing. You are helping Lil Boop Boop increase their paid search traffic and ultimately online sales. 1. Audience and Keyword research (50 points) First, you conduct keyword research to determine what keywords the Lil Boop Boop audience is most likely to use to search for the product(s). a) Who is the primary audience of this campaign? What are the characteristics of the audience (include demographics, interests, behaviors etc.; try to be as specific as possible)? (10) b) What does the online customer journey of the audience look like? (10) c) What is/are the benefit(s) of the product to the audience? (5) d) What keywords do you think your audience is likely to use to search for the product(s)? (5)

Fig: 1