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P3-3. Draw a ladder diagram that will cause the output, pneumatic solenoid PS6124, to be ON when both push button switches PB6121 and PB6122 are closed (pushed), and either limit switch LS6123 is open or limit switch LS6125 is closed. Do this problem for the ControlLogix, MicroLogix, SLC-500, S7,Modicon Unity and/or GE PLCs. For the GE PLC, use (1) I/O Variable and/or (ii) CPU Memory addressing. Show only the I/O address with the ladder contacts/coils. a) For a ControlLogix processor, the input/output devices are wired to: PS6124: Output module, chassis 'REM_2', slot 5, channel 12 PB6121: Input module, local chassis, slot 0, channel 7 PB6122: Input module, local chassis, slot 0, channel 8 LS6123: Input module, chassis 'REM_2', slot 4, channel 5 LS6125: Input module, chassis 'REM_3', slot 7, channel 0

P5-14. Develop a ladder logic program to handle a low bunker alarm for a coal-fired power plant coal bunker. The devices are shown in Figure P5.14. Normal sequence of events: Coal bunker 2 becomes low for 3 seconds (BUNK2_LLEV turns off for 3 sec.) which causes • BUNK2_LLMP starts flashing (1 sec. on, I sec. off) • ALARM HORN sounds (turns on).

Description After the due date of Homework 4a I will provide you with a correct function chart from which you will draw the ladder diagram; this is Homework 4b.

With a PIC oscillator frequency of 1MHz, and using a prescaler setting of +2, the maximum time that timer can measure is

The TMR0 overflow flag indicates that the counter is broken.

The TMR0 prescaler can change the rate at which the counter counts.

Without using the prescaler, how many clocks can the TMR0 count?

When the timer 0 counter is at the maximum value, the next clock pulse results in what output value:

TMR0 counts down to zero from a preset value.

TMRO can use FOSC/4 as a clock source.

The TMRO clock source can be configured to come from a PIC input pin.

What type of logic gate is used to select the rising or falling edge of an external clocking signal ?

TMRO uses a 4 bit counter to count clock pulses.

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