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What is the coagulants?

Estimate the mixing power (Pm) in watt of a motor needed to mix water in a rapid mixing tank if the volume of the tank is 6.1 m3, motor energy transmission efficency E = 0.8, viscosity µ is 0.89 × 10-3 kg/m.s and the velocity gradient G is 944 (round your answer to the nearest whole number)

Estimate the water depth (Hw) in meters of a rapid mixing tank with a water volume of 7.9, a square cross section with width, Ww and a water depth equal to116% of Ww

Find the volume (m³) of a Rapid Mixing Coagulation System if the Design Flow is 82,838 m³/d and Detention Time is 22 seconds. (Round your answer to the nearest one decimal place, for example 15.1)

What is the minimum number of rapid mixing tanks do you recommend if the total volume of a rapid mixing system is 18.4 m³ and if the volume of any of the tanks can not exceed 8 m³? (Your answer should be a whole number)

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