production design and process planning

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Production Design And Process Planning

In this exercise, you will identify the appropriate anthropometric measurement to assess the design parameters of a student chair for a classroom of mixed students (50% males and 50%females). See Figure 1 below to check design parameters.

a) (9 points) Based on the anthropometric dimensions presented in the lecture slides, which anthropometric measurement is required for each design parameter mentioned in Figure 1(SD, SH, SW, BH, BW, and DH)? Explain your answers.

b) (12 points) For each anthropometric measurement identified in (a), which percentile(s) is(are) required for the adjustable seat design? Justify and explain in detail your answers.

c) (9 points) Examine in detail the pros and cons of designing products for a fixed percentage of a population. When is this approach likely to be problematic? Citeappropriate references.

Question 45615


Production Design And Process Planning

We learned about Anthropometric data, Design for Average, Design for Extreme, and Designfor Adjustment. Please listen to the story in the video link below and answer the followingquestions.

) (15 points) Explain how the U.S. Airforce fit the cockpit design to the individual pilot?Use the keywords "Design for Adjustment" and "Design for Extremes."

a) (15 points) Explain why the "design for average" approach in the airplane cockpit causedairplane accidents and incidents?

c) (10 points) Find another two examples of "design for average" problems in your life.Explain their problems. Do not include the examples used in the video link.

Question 45614


Production Design And Process Planning

There are four important industrial engineering giants, including Eli Whitney, Henry Ford,Frederick Taylor, Frank & Lillian Gilbreath. Write 100 (+20) words essay for each of thefollowing topics.

a. (10 points) Explain Eli Whitney's contribution to productivity improvement with interchangeable parts. Explain how it improved productivity.

b. (10 points) Explain Henry Ford's moving assembly line. Explain how it improves productivity.

c. (10 points) Explain Frederick Taylor and Frank & Lillian Gilbreth's contribution to time study and motion study. How do they contribute to productivity improvement? Explain the difference between time study and motion study.

Question 41022


Production Design And Process Planning

a) What is the purpose of Production Flow Analysis (PFA)? and what are the Pros and cons of using this approach?

b) Table Q5b shows the product family data and process routing information for products currently produced in a process (functional) layout. Your task is to use the Rank Order Clustering (ROC) technique to identify the relevant cells and their content. You need to include the sorted matrices in your answer and clearly state what m/cs and products you have allocated to each cell. Discuss any issues forthcoming from your cellular groupings.

Question 41021


Production Design And Process Planning

a) Manufacturing operations and their process types can be located along avolume/variety continuum. Provide a suitable 'process type' which would fitin the following positions and give an example where it might be used?

i)High volume low variety

ii)Low volume high variety

b) What are kanban systems? why are they used? and how are they controlled?

c) Calculate the capacity of the Kanbans and the inventory level given the following information:

Utilisation rate R =900/hr//////Delay time T= 40mins////Number of Kanbans = 4//////Operation Variation X = 10%

d) The following options have been proposed to reduce the inventory level for the situation outlined in (Q4b).

Option A: Capacity C is increased to 400 units3

Option B: X becomes 20% or

Option C: The delay time Tis halved orWhich option would you choose and why?

Question 41020


Production Design And Process Planning

You employed Process by expert'Whatypeofimprovement' limited. The Managing Director is looking to improve the performance of operations and has asked you to answer the following area questions.

a) What are the two main approaches to Operations Improvement (provide diagrams as necessary)

b) What is BPR and what are the key principles?

c) What are the key benefits of BPR ?

d) How does BPR suggest operations structures should be organised?

Question 41019


Production Design And Process Planning

a) 'Within JIT operations the main sacrifice is capacity utilization' - explain this statement and its consequences. Use diagrams to supplement your answer.

b) What is 'levelled scheduling' and why is it difficult to introduce?.

c) Outline and discuss any five of the seven wastes which the Lean approach demands to be removed, or minimized from manufacturing operations

Question 41018


Production Design And Process Planning

a) When designing a product layout, what two criteria must be followed(during the line balancing phase) to ensure a valid product flow line design is produced and why?

b) A manufacturer wishes to produce 1100 units per day on a production line and intends to use a product layout. The assembly information for the product is outlined in Table Q1 below.

(i)Assuming a 24 hour day, calculate the maximum cycle time required to produce the desired output.(2 marks)

(ii)Calculate the minimum number of work stations.(2 marks)

(iii)Produce the precedence diagram.(5 marks)

(iv)Produce a line design which achieves the required cycle time.

(v)Calculate the balance loss

(vi)What approaches can be used in practice, to reduce the individual cycle time of tasks, so that the overall efficiency of the process can be improved?

Question 39757


Production Design And Process Planning

9. Which layout do you need for your hospital? Explain in 100 word. (

Question 39756


Production Design And Process Planning

8. Based on what you did so far, what is the best layout type you should use for your facility to produce respirators? Explain your reasoning in 200 words. (15 Points)

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