Production Design And Process Planning

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. Linear models are distinguished from other mathematical programming models by three properties: Proportionality,____-and divisibility.

There are four important industrial engineering giants, including Eli Whitney, Henry Ford,Frederick Taylor, Frank & Lillian Gilbreath. Write 100 (+20) words essay for each of thefollowing topics. a. (10 points) Explain Eli Whitney's contribution to productivity improvement with interchangeable parts. Explain how it improved productivity. b. (10 points) Explain Henry Ford's moving assembly line. Explain how it improves productivity. c. (10 points) Explain Frederick Taylor and Frank & Lillian Gilbreth's contribution to time study and motion study. How do they contribute to productivity improvement? Explain the difference between time study and motion study.

You employed Process by expert'Whatypeofimprovement' limited. The Managing Director is looking to improve the performance of operations and has asked you to answer the following area questions. a) What are the two main approaches to Operations Improvement (provide diagrams as necessary) b) What is BPR and what are the key principles? c) What are the key benefits of BPR ? d) How does BPR suggest operations structures should be organised?

Which of the following statements is NOT true? A feasible solution satisfies all constraints An optimal solution satisfies all constraints An infeasible solution violates all constraints A feasible solution does not have to lie on the boundary of the feasible region

3. Suppose you have two decision variables, X1 and X2, representing whether Departments 1 and 2 are expanded. The variables are 1 if the department is-expanded and 0 if not. What constraint is needed to ensure that if one department is expanded, then both are expanded?

In order for the GRG non-linear engine to be guaranteed to find a global optimal solution to a maximization problem, two conditions must be met.The first is that the objective function, or its logarithm, must be concave.What is the second?

Develop precedence diagram of your processes you defined in Project Deliverable 2.

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