Reinforced Cement Concrete

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3. Give the meanings of the following abbreviations: a. MECH b. OZ c. REQD d. LS e. AVG f. WP g. TOF h. LOC i. MFD J. CONT STEEL CRLD4 CONDIRE W/ THE

4.17. Determine the required area of reinforcement and the corresponding reinforcement ratio for the section in Fig P4. 1a if the ultimate moment is(a) 10,000 in-kips and (b) 5000 in-kips. fy = 60,000 psi.

The of often referred to as "buying out" the job or purchasing the labor, materials,and equipment needed to complete the project. *Procurement stage *Mobilization stage *Operations stage *Estimation stage *Pre-construction stage

The official end of the project occurs when the architect releases a *certificate of substantial completion *RFI *change order statement of proposal *bid bond

1. (5 points) Compute oMn for the T-beam shown below. Also determine the value for Asmin. f'c = 4500 psi and fy =60 ksi.

7. Explain why the minimum reinforcement for flexure and shear is required for RC structures.

Part 2

Evaluation of Corrosion Cracks Induced by Accelerated Corrosion Technique for 1 Cylinder Cement= 2.08kg Course aggregate = 5.924kg fine aggregate = 4.1184 kg Water = 1.144 kg salt=46.8 g fiber glass =26 g

For each statement, specify whether it is true or false regarding the construction stages. 1. During the construction stage,there is a pre-construction meeting for all subcontractors and major material suppliers to set the tone and establishes the ground rules for the job. 2. During the construction stage,value engineering is preformed to analyze the design, products, and materials associated with the project to determine whether the plans, specs, or overall design are accurate. 3. Mobilization during construction stage includes activities such as setting up field office, temporary storage facilities, securing the site and establishing job site management systems. 4. During the construction stage,coordination of all trades must be proactively managed for the job to run smoothly. 5. During the construction stage,schematic or conceptual design helps the contractors to estimate the project costs. 6. Programming is typically done during the construction stage and engages the owners and end users to clarify needs, goals, and objectives for the facility.

1. On a proposed site plan for a building, the reference elevation is listed as 456"-3" in the notes. An elevation listed for the top of one side of a building is 112'-9". The actual elevation of the top of the building at that location is

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