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Delivery In 200 words or less, describe your grand plan to become the best IT person in your field! Don't be shy, use images or sketches, but keep it within one page.

In the ARM Cortex MO core which block contains a 32 bit memory address value? Register bank O Address register O Control unit Instruction decoder O Program counter Arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) Instruction register

Describe the difference between the behaviours of these threevalues of the CSS "position" property: fixed; relative; absolute. Usea drawing to show the difference. Write some HTML/CSS code for displaying a numbered list withthe following behaviour: Populate the list with fives items from a mixture of your favourite vegetables and fruit. ii) Set the font of the vegetable items in the list to "Verdana" andmake them appear in bold font. Put a link to your favourite supermarket's website for the fruititems in the list. Links should be in italic font. Show the complete HTML structure. You should avoid using inline CSS for any of the elements in the body.[14 marks]

Which of the following refer to immediate addressing? (Select all that apply.) LDR ro, [r5] EORS r4, #11 MOVS r1, ro O SUBS r1, r4, #9 STR r7, [r1] BICS r2, r7

How many mebibytes are there in a gibibyte? O 256 O 512 O 2048 1024

Draw box-plot of all variables (variable 1, 2, 3) in a single graph. Check and evaluate ANOVA for all of the variables (variable 1, 2, 3) at the %95 confidence interval. Note that you need to prepare txt file that contains type as 1, 2, 3.Such as 1 2 3 Varl Var2 Var3 Explain the results.

A. Create a flowchart for the Pizza House system describing its operation.

(a) Consider the relation R2(A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J) and its functional dependencies \mathcal{F}_{R_{2}}=\{C \rightarrow B H, I \rightarrow D G, J \rightarrow C, A J \rightarrow E, A \rightarrow F I\} i. Determine (all) the candidate key(s) (i.e., minimal keys) of R2. ii. For each candidate key, state its number of superkeys. (b) Consider the relation schema Students (ID, Name, AdvisorId, Advisor Name, FavoriteAdvisorId)and its functional dependencies: ID → {Name, FavoriteAdvisorI d} and AdvisorId → {AdvisorName} i. Does Students violate the BCNF? If yes, why? If no, why not? What is/are the candidate key(s) of Students?

Initially the registers hold the following values: r0:=0x12345678 r1:=0x87654321 r2:=0X9ABCDEFO r3:=0X0FEDCBA9 r4:=0XDEADBEEF r5:=0XBADCAFE5 ró:=0X02468ACE r7:=0XECA86420 Then an instruction with the following mnemonic is executed: SUBS r5, r1, ro What 32 bit value (in hexadecimal) is held in register r5 after this instruction is executed? OXF2244220 О Ох7530EСА9 Ox12345678 Ox87654321 Ox82244220

Provide the results for y = a + blx1+b2x1^2+e for your data. y=dependent variable, x1=independent variable 1, x1^2=square form of independent variable 1. Explain the results.

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