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Research Assignment Industry Sustainability Report The exact topic is convincing Jackie the CEO why should she start applying sustainability practices in her company. Depends on you which business sector you wanna choose. If it's okay, you might want to focus with Hospitality sector. You'll find a lot of best practices from other hotels

2) Answer the following about the building with regard to LEED scoring inthe Water Efficiency category (please provide comparisons for yes/noquestions, and use data provided on the following page whereannronriate): a. WEC1: Assume the use of potable water to irrigate a landscaped area equal to the minimum provision area for SSc5.1 as calculated above. Calculate the baseline water usage in gallons for the project site with mixed vegetation, average factors, and a sprinkler system. Then, propose at least two changes to the baseline case (only the provisions in the previous sentence) to allow the water usage for the project to earn points under Option 1 of this credit. Assume ETO23 in. and usage rate of 0.6233gal/sf/in. (1.5 pts.) b. Using at least 2 references, discuss the feasibility of capturing used water on site for various uses in residential, commercial, or industrial applications (1.5 pts.)

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