Thoroughly define "Scope and Sequence" Give an example of a 10 day scope and sequence in physical education or health that is logical and progressive Provide a comprehensive (covers all) definition for "Curriculum" as detailed throughout the course modules. According to the instructor: Why is a curriculum like the steering wheel on a car Describe the difference between goals and objectives. Provide examples. Contrast assessment and evaluation Provide at least one example of each What does it mean for assessment to be observable and measurable and give two examples Give 2 examples of an assessment that is highly observable and measurable Hint: is it really accurate how we measure effort and/or attitude? Can we see whether or NOT someone appreciates fitness...? List three characteristics of an effective teacher and defend your positions (plural). List three characteristics of an exemplary physical education program as outlined throughout the module(s) concerning same. Name three styles of teaching, besides command and practice, according to Muska Mosston's Spectrum of Teaching Styles.