To prepare: 1. Consider the material you have covered in the Foundations of Communication unit 2. Conduct independent research on the given topic, using credible sources, ensuring that you record and cite all resources used 3. Clearly state the main focus points for your final presentation 4. Present relevant information on the topic 5. Be mindful of your audience and use appropriate language and examples they can relate to 6. Aim to make the presentation and your PowerPoint as interesting as possible for the audience (see Assessment Scenario and Audience) 7. Select appropriate images to support your message 8. Ensure that there is an introduction, outline, summary then conclusion 9. Images and text should have in-text citations and there should be a reference list on the last slide 10. Record the audio with each slide (as if presenting to a class) - talk to the slides. 11. If presenting in class, you can use palm cards, but must not read your presentation from notes Resource requirements ▪ You must use PowerPoint and include 10 content slides, plus 1 slide as a cover page, and 1 or 2 slides for your Reference List (total of 12 or 13 slides). ▪ Make sure that your name and ID number are clearly displayed on the first slide (introduce yourself to the audience with this slide). Your PowerPoint presentation should not include any videos or animations but must include images that are properly acknowledged. ▪ Record your oral presentation using Voice Thread. Instructions on how to use this free software are available on Blackboard and using VoiceThread is covered in detail in Topic 10 materials. ▪ Make sure you select the correct settings (Share the link and also tick the box to allow anyone to view) so your tutor can view and mark your presentation. (It is advisable to complete a practice presentation using Voice Thread prior to completing the final presentation.)

Fig: 1