1. (1 Page) Academic integrity signature page (found on page 1 of this package). 2. (1-2 Pages) A respectful and professional email to the machine shop, explaining in paragraph form what you need the shop to machine, the purpose of the part, the material it should be machined from, and the requested completion date and any other details you feel are significant. 3. (3-5 Pages) A safety brief highlighting the safety concerns associated with each manufacturing process and each machine used. Providing more detail is preferable. 4. (5-10 Pages) Process Sheets for each operation to manufacture the gear. Include the following: a. Process instructions b. Speeds and feeds for each step (Include detailed information about how you obtained these numbers in the appendix. c. Images, drawings, or sketches are helpful to communicate the expectations for each step. d. Creating clear orderly and easy to access information is critical to a good grade. Using bold, boxing, or other tools to draw attention to critical information are part of what makes an assignment successful. 5. (1-2 Pages) A metrology form to document the Quality Assurance (QA) process. Include all dimensioned features, the metrology tool you intend to use to verify QA

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