1. (20 points) An above ground swimming pool of 30 ft diameter and 5 ft depth is to befilled form a garden hose (smooth interior) of 100 ft length and 5/8 inch diameter(ID). If the pressure at the faucet outlet to which the hose is attached remains at 55psi, how long will it take to fill the pool? The water exits the hose as a free jet 6 feetabove the faucet. If water costs $8 per 1000 gallons, how much will it cost to fill thepool. Hint: to find friction factor f, you will need to iterate until the guessed f andcalculated v and Re converge on the curve for smooth pip on the moody diagram(the lowest line on the curve). Assume that the water is conveyed at 60°F.

Fig: 1