1. Abstract. (2 marks each) [2 marks x 4 abstracts = 8 marks] Write an abstract of 100 words for the four (4) nominated readings in the Reading Material and Exercises book (RM&E). [The RM&E is available on the Modules tab of the JDM subject on UTS Canvas.] The nominated readings for the current study session are listed below. Marks are awarded for the relevance and depth of insight expressed, and the linkage to the key aspects of the Management Setting. 2. Experience. (5 marks each) [5 marks x 4 abstracts = 20 marks] For each of the four (4) abstracts, write a 400-word reflection on how each reading relates to your work experience, or how they could relate to an imaginary work situation. Students who do not have any relevant work experience may base the "experience" components on their personal life experience. Marks are awarded for the relevance of the experience to the insights articulated in the abstract, and the clarity of description of the experience. You may structure your response to address the points below. Write your responses in paragraphs and not in a question/answer format. ● How you have made decisions in the past How you evaluate the effectiveness of your decisions. How you would do things differently if time went back. What factors do you consider when you make decisions now and in the future./n3. Report professionalism and communication. (2 marks) The report should be written as if meant for a professional audience and not just as an attempt to satisfy an academic course requirement. Marks are awarded for communicating clearly, exhibiting attention to detail and presenting itself to a high standard, including: . Good document structure including: o Title page (student name/number, tutor name, tutorial number, title, submission date). o o Report Heading. Numbered headings for each section. O Reference list page. o Additional appendices (if needed). o Report should have numbered pages and good English expression (including punctuation and spelling). o FEIT cover sheet should be included at the front of the submission. • Clarity and insight - suitable word count (not counting title page, headings, reference list, etc.), deals properly with each topic without verbosity, shows a Page 2 of 5

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