In this individual assignment you are required to choose a city and identify and

research two key sustainability issues, which are negatively impacting your city's

sustainability performance. You will apply sustainability concepts; analyse and raise

awareness of these problems and their causes. You will communicate your research

effectively and succinctly by designing and producing an aesthetically pleasing

poster. A successful poster will not only attract the viewer's attention, for it will also

outline accurately and concisely the purpose, findings, and conclusions of your

research. Your poster will be designed to include a balance of text, images, figures,

and tables. The poster should include in-text citations or references to your research

sources. Your submission should include a reference list of recent academic and

non-academic sources, presented in the Cite them Right Harvard Referencing style.

You must choose one city from the Arcadis Sustainable City Index 2022 Your

selection should be based on the availability of the information and data needed to

complete the module assessments. Make sure you get advice from your seminar

leaders as you work through your assignment.

Fig: 1