1. Clearly state 2 types information the scope definition in subcontract agreements should include. 2. What is the difference between a subcontractor and a craftsperson? 3. Name 2 different reasons why GC's use subcontractors 4. Describe the following 3 types of clauses. Schedule of work, Indemnification, Termination of contract. 5. GC's and Subcontractors have 3 common goals, Name them. 6. What is bid shopping? 7. What is the difference between purchases and subcontracts 8. In Subcontract management, define the following • Buyout • Scope alignment 9. What is one way subcontractors can affect the profitability of a project? 10. In subcontract management, the GC's field staff should understand 4 basic items of subcontracting, name them. 11. What are 2 guidelines the GC should implement to control quality for a subcontractor's work.

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