1. Consider the duct system connected to an air tank like the one shown in the figure. The system stationary discharges to the atmosphere at 101,325 kPa. Except for the indicated section, heat interactions can be neglected along the air path between the tank and the discharge. Friction effects can be neglected in all sections except the section where a length L is defined, and a friction factor is provided. No other internal irreversibility occurs in any of the pipelines. Relevant data for the solution of the problem are included in the image. a. Determine the temperature, in K, the velocity, in m / s, and the Mach number, at points 2 and 3 Determine the length, in cm, of the duct 2-3 Determine the Mach number, the velocity, in m/s, the local density, in kg / m3, at point 4Ma₁ = d. Determine the magnitude and direction of the heat transfer rate (output or input), in kW, induct 3-4 e. Determine the pressure, in kPa, at points 4, 3, and 2 f. Determine the pressure in the air tank, in kPa g. Determine the entropy ratio generated from the tank to the discharge, in W/K

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