Rise:0~25 mm in 90° Dwell:at 25 mm in 45° Fall:25-0 mm in 90° Dwell:for the remainder Set up appropriate boundary conditions and determine the coefficients C, for the 7th-degree polynomial s=\sum_{i=0}^{7} C_{i}\left(\frac{\theta}{b}\right)^{n} \text { where } \theta \text { is the cam angle, } b \text { is the total angle of any segment, rise, fall, or dwell } (b) Develop a MATLAB program to compute and plot svaj diagrams, assume the cycle takes 2 sec.Parameters: The mass of the follower is 1.0 kg. The spring has a rate of 10 N/m, a damping ratio of 0.10,and a preload of 1.0 N. Find the follower force over one revolution. If there is a follower jump, re-specify the spring rate and preload to eliminate it. 1: Design a double-dwell cam to move a follower:

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