1. Draw a free body diagram (FBD). a. Remove rigid body from its supports. b. Sketch the isolated body (do not draw the supports on a FBD). c. Replace the supports with support reactions (forces and/or moment). Assume all unknown support reactions are in the positive direction. d. Draw all external forces and moments exerted on the body (applied forces,moments, sometimes weight of rigid body). e. Identify a coordinate axis system and add all dimensions (distances, slopes, etc). 1) Where is/are the supports locations on the rigid body? 2) For each support, list the support reactions you must draw on the FBD in place of the support. 3) Draw the complete FBD. Answer part c for #1 and/or part b for #2 by applying equilibrium. For 2D equilibrium, there are three equations, which allow you to solve for three unknowns. \sum M_{p o i n t}=0 \sum F_{x}=0 \sum F_{y}=0 2. Start with summing moments about a point and set equal to zero. For both part 1 problems,select the point to sum moments about that has 2 force support reactions (Ax and Ay or Bx and By).

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