1. He is determined_____________ (win) that race. 2. He lay in bed__________(plan) the days to come. 3. We went __________(run) in the morning. 4. Her fear of planes made_________(travel) difficult. 5. They don't mind__________(wait) outside. 6. The problem is_________(get) there on time. 7. I am accustomed to__________(take care) of myself. 8. I want him________(order) stationery. 9._________(be), or__________(not be), that is the question. 10. This guy is known for_____________(break) the rules. 11. Sara enjoys_________(play) tricks on her friends. 12. The advantages of___________(go) by train were clearly visible. 13. Your advice _______________(plan) ahead was excellent. 14. Your addiction to___________(smoke) will not serve you well 15. I am pleased____________(meet) you. 16. I look forward ______________ (meet) you

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