1. Reflect on the talk on epilepsy, what new thoughts and information did you gain? Do you have any additional questions?4 pt 2. Reflect on our class discussion about physical disabilities

and health impairments. What new information did you learn and what new questions do you have? 4 Pt. 3. Although you are not medically trained, would you feel comfortable and competent to have a child with some of the physical conditions that we talked about in your class if you were given a couple of workshops on the topics by specialists? 4 Pts. 4. Situation: You are a teacher of a general education class and your administration has just informed you that you will be receiving a new student who has one of the physical conditions that we discussed in class tonight. How would you prepare your students for the new student, so that they would accept, understand and associate with the student with a physical condition prior to his/her entrance into your class? 6Pt.