1. The first letter or email (your choice) is a complaint from a customer. You are Mr. Lotti, Head of Administration at "Istituto di Medicina" in Sienna, Italy. Write a complaint to: Mr. Hirio Toda, The Sales Manager, Hihon Instruments, 12-18 Wakakusa-cho, Hagashi- Osaka-Shi, Osaka-fu, Japan These are the facts: Yesterday you received delivery of order AWD 4156/82 one week late. This is the second time you have written to complain about late deliveries. Warn the Japanese supplier that you will cancel all future trade between your companies unless they can guarantee to deliver on time in future. Medical equipment that arrives late can cause very serious problems in your hospital. Before you place another order from them again, you need reassurance that this kind of problem will never happen again.

Fig: 1