1. We have a 32Gx64 word addressable memory built from 2Gx4 RAM chips. Memory uses low-order interleave. NOTE: 32Gx64 means 32G of words, each word is 64 bits. a. How many RAM chips are needed to make up memory? b. How many banks does memory have? c. How many bits are needed for a memory address? d. Of those bits from part c, which are used for the bank select, and which are used for the address in the bank? For questions 2-3, provide the full MARIE RTN for these new MARIE instructions. Include the fetch, decode, get operand (if necessary) and execution stages (which may include writing back to memory). X in question 3 is an immediate datum (a numeric value) and X in question 3 is the address of a datum that needs to be fetched from memory. For question 2, we have an extra register called R1 which was previously loaded with a value (in this case, a base address).

Fig: 1