1. What character trait describes Will in this scene from "Popularity?" Support your answer with one piece of evidence from the excerpt. Explain. (RL 6.1) "This was, perhaps, the wittiest remark he had ever made, and I froze. With four words he had devastated all my aspirations, defined me as a fool, and all but condemned me to a life of shame and obscurity. I could see my future, my boyhood itself, crumbling to dust, and as I heard the laughter and felt the heat of the spotlight upon me, I pointed at Mitch's yellow pants and shirt and said, "Someone else needs a mirror. You look like a canary." Then, with the grace of a magician's assistant, I raised my left hand in a presentation al gesture and said, "Boys, I give you Tweety Bird." (p. 65)

Fig: 1