10. (12pts) Rhea wants to buy her a new garden shed mom for the holidays. With the toolsshe wants to include, it will cost at least $480 dollars. Rhea works at as a x-ray technicianmaking 24$/hr and as a yarn weaver making 16$/hr. (a) Create an inequality for how many hours Rhea will have to work at each job to affordthe PlayStation. This should be a single inequality. (b) Graph the inequality from (a). Label the axis appropriately. Give the contextual meaning of the area you graphed. Why should the graph be restricted to the first quadrant? (c) Suppose Rhea can only work 5 hours as an x-ray technician before the holiday. Give a solution for how many hours she could work at the yarn shop so that she can still afford the shed and plot it's point on the graph above.

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