14. For the three-part question that follows, provide your answer to each part in the given workspace. Identify each part with a coordinating response. Be sure to clearly label each part of your response as Part A, Part B, and Part C. Part A: Becca teaches piano in her home for 8 hours each week. If she earns $28 per hour giving piano lessons, what were her total earnings in 1 week? Part B: Becca also works part time as a pharmacy technician at the local hospital at a rate of $12.75 per hour. The hours that Becca worked last week, as recorded on her time card, are shown in the table.

Part C: The following week, from March 12 18, Becca worked at the hospital at the same rate of pay. Her gross earnings at the hospital were $267.75. How many hours did Becca work at the hospital that week? Show your work.

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