14. Supreme Athletes claim that their training will increase a volleyball players velocity on their serve. Since this is a good thing, they charge a premium price for training. Volleyball's R Us also trains volleyball players to increase their velocity on their serve but do not charge a premium price for training. To test to see if there is a difference in the players velocity on their serve based on where they trained, 20 athletes from Supreme Athletes were randomly selected and 20 athletes from Volleyball's R Us were randomly selected. The data represents their velocity on their serve where data set 1 is for the Supreme Athletes and data set 2 represents the Volleyball's R Us athletes. Let a = 0.05. a. Should the samples be considered independent or dependent? How do you know? b. Give the null hypothesis, Ho, and the alternative hypothesis, Ha, for this situation. c. What is the value of the "test statistic" that can be used in deciding Ho or Ha? d. What is the "p-value" associated with the test statistic? e. Using a level of significance of 0.01, what is your decision about Ho? How do you know? f. What is your conclusion in words? g. What kind of error, Type I or Type II, is possible with your decision in step 4?

Fig: 1