1.Air is held in a cylinder by a piston. The friction between the piston and thecylinder wall and the leakage past the piston can be ignored. a) The air is compressed according to pV " = constant, where n > 1. Sketch theprocess on a p-V diagram. State the definition of mechanical work for such a system, and derive anequation for the Work transferred in such a process. (6) b) The initial pressure and temperature are, respectively, 1 bar and 300 K. If the final volume is 0.1 of the initial volume, calculate the final pressure and final temperature. Take n = 1.4. (6) c) Calculate the work transfer, clearly stating the sign of the work transfer. (4) d) If, after the process in (b), heat transfer to the air takes place at constant volume, illustrate the process on the p-V diagram, and calculate the specific heat transfer if the air temperature is increased by 200 K. State any assumption/assumptions made. (4)

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