2. (20 points) Based on the video textbook and the paper "Determining Appropriate Project Delivery Systems" (saved on Canvas), which delivery system would you choose if the following was the main driver or characteristic of the project. Why? (Answers should be short paragraphs) a. Speed: An Athletic Director and the football team want a new Indoor Practice Field in 18 months. It will be a selling point for new recruits. The Athletic Director's team wants to be heavily involved in every design decision. b. Owner Lacks Construction Experience: A group of doctors wants to build a small medical office building in east Boulder. They have zero experience managing a project and want to shed as much risk as possible. They would like to be kept in the loop regarding details, but they could use guidance when making decisions. c. Renovation with few trades: Ball Aerospace is doing a renovation to their plant in Colorado. The work generally involves only a few trades (mechanical and electrical). Ball Aerospace has an in-house staff devoted to project management.

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