2.) (40 pts) Does the data for the variable "Dose" pass all 5 tests for normality in the excel file “Decrease LD". Please show all Minitab output. The five tests for normality are below 1-5. For #6, answer if you believe we can trust the data to be normal. 1.) Is the mean=median or are they reasonably close to each other to not cause too much concern. Please post Minitab Output and explain. (4 pts) 2.) Does histogram and the stem/leaf plot appear to have a normal shape or close to normal. Please post Minitab Output and explain (8 points) 3.) is our calculated skewness close to 0 (Note: Skewness should be between -1 to1 for us to be safe) (4 points) 4.) Does our qq normal plot look to have a linear trend thus resembling normality.Please post Minitab Output and Explain. (8pts) 5.) Also, does the Kolmogorov/ Smirnov (KS) test or Anderson/Darling (AD) test p-values (or sig values) greater than 0.05? Please post Minitab Output and explain. (8pts) 6.) Do you believe the data for dose is normally distributed, or do you believe it maybe not be normal and may be skewed instead? (Hint: Remember that data in real life is never perfectly normal and some skewness is expected. The key is to look a tall of our 5 tests of normality above).

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