2) A 10400kg truck was travelling 72.0km/h at the top of a hill. By the time it reaches the bottom of the hill, it is travelling 90.0km/h. The hill has a 5.0° grade. The length of the hill is 245m. The Work done by the truck engine to reach the bottom of the hill at that speed is 3.85x10*J. (Assume uniform acceleration if req'd). Determine: a) The Force of Friction that the truck experiences. (4 mark) b) The Power output of the truck, in horsepower (hp) while going down the hill. If the average hp of a 10-ton truck is 300hp, does this make sense? Explain (1-2 sentences). (2 marks) c) The Work required to bring the truck up to 118.8km/h in 30.0s, on the flat ground after the hill, if the -0.042. What is the hp of the truck during this stage of motion? (2 marks)