2. Federal law might eventually specify that new automobiles must average, for example, 45 miles per gallon (mpg) of gasoline (u = 45). Because it would be impossible to test all new cars, compliance tests would be based on random samples from the entire production of each car model. If a hypothesis test indicates substandard performance (less miles per gallon), the manufacturer would be penalized, we'll assume, $200 per car for the entire production. The following represents the mpg for a randomly selected sample of n = 9 cars. 40 414243 43 44 44 44 46 Does this sample provide enough evidence to conclude that this manufacturer produces cars with less than 45mpg? State the null and research (alternative) hypotheses in words and using symbols. Conduct the appropriate hypothesis test with a = .01 and state your conclusion in terms of this problem. Make sure to write APA style conclusions.

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