2. For the three-part question that follows, provide your answer to each part in the given workspace. Identify each part with a coordinating response. Be sure to clearly label each part of your response as Part A, Part B, and Part C. Part A: Nails by Nina sells nail polish in a package of three for $21.88. If Nina purchased the polish trio packs for $14 each, what is the percentage of mark upbased on cost, rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent? Show your work. Part B: Manicure sets at Nails by Nina are marked up 47% from the cost of $8.36. What does a manicure set cost in Nina's store? Show your work. Part C: Nina sells nail polish dryers in her store for $52.98 each. If the markup rate is 44%, how much did Nina originally pay for one nail polish dryer? Showyour work.

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