2. Short Answer Section: No Calculator a. What is the vertex of the quadratic defined by h(x)=-2x² + 4x-3₂ b. True or False. The graph of a function could have an endpoint which is BOTH an absolutemax AND a local max. c. What is the end behavior model of the given polynomial? g(x)=-2 x(x-4)^{2}(x+1)^{3} d. True or False. The following function is a polynomial. If false describe why. g(x)=200 x^{3}+x^{-2}+50 x-100 f(x)=-200(x-100)^{2}(x+3343)^{3}(x-454)^{5}(x+17)^{6} e. What is the Domain of the following polynomial?

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