2- The field capacity of soil under an irrigated field is 0.22 in terms of volumetric water content. The wilting point of the same soil is 0.07. The field is planted with wheat having a rooting depth of 60 cm. A) Calculate the available water capacity (AWC, mm) of this soil for wheat. (4 pts) B) A sample of soil was collected a few days after the field was irrigated. The total volume of soil was 120 cm^3, of which 15 cm^3 was water. Calculate the volumetric water content of the soil.Calculate also the available water (AW, mm) of this soil for wheat. (4 pts) C) The relationship between actual ET (AET) and potential ET (PET) is given by the following: AET/PET = f(AW/AWC) where the form of the function f( ) is shown in the diagram below. If PET = 5.0 (mm/d), what is the expected AET for this soil? (4 pts)

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