24. For the three-part question that follows, provide your answer to each question in the given workspace. Identify each part with a coordinating response. Be sure to clearly label each part of your response as Part A, Part B, and Part C. Use the scenario below to answer Part A, Part B, and Part C. Casey's parents are saving money for a new car. In the first month, they saved $95. Casey's parents-plan to save 6% more each month than the previous month. How much money will Casey's parent shave saved after two years? Part A: Write an equation to represent the scenario above. Part B: Use your equation to find the amount of money that Casey's parents will have saved after two years. Part C: Casey's parents plans change, and they decide that they need a new car sooner than they originally planned. As a result, they decide to save $150 in the first month and then 10%more each month than the previous month. If they want to purchase a car for $3,500 in one year, will they have enough saved? Show your work to support your answer.

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