24. For the three-part question that follows, provide your answer to each question in the given workspace. Identify each part with a coordinating response. Be sure to clearly label each part of your response as Part A, Part B, and Part C. Part A: Which of the following studies will have a larger variance?Study I. A researcher studying the number of hours of sleep babies sleep per night.Study II. A researcher studying the temperature in New York City every day for one year. Part B: Explain your answer to Part A with a complete sentence. Part C: A coffee shop owner is hoping to have average sales per day of at least $700 for this week. The sales for the first 6 days of the week have been $389, $467, $517, $930, $215,and $1,260. What is the minimum sales at the coffee shop on the seventh day of the week to meet the owner's goal? Show your work to support your answer.

Fig: 1