3. (10 points) Consider the following circuit. 6V/+ R₁ = 30 1 V₁ R₂ ¹2 ↓ m 13 V₂ I 3 V (+1) R₂ = 90 V3 - +9V a. Find V₁, V₂, and V3 using KVL. b. What resistance should R₂ have in order for the power dissipated by it to be 24 W? c. Apply KCL to Node 1 to find the current through the 3 V source. Use the R₂ value you found in part (b). Hint: Using Ohm's law, reduce the number of unknowns you have in your KCL equation. It always helps to write down what you know to identify what you do not know.

Fig: 1