3. (20 points) A 50 mL sample was taken at the influent of a wastewater treatment plant.The sample was dried (105 °C), leaving 36.1 mg of residual solids. The sample was then ignited (550 °C), and the remaining residual mass was 16.9 mg. A second 50 mL portion of the same sample was filtered, and after the filter was dried (105 °C), there were 12.1 mg of residual solids on the filter. Then the filter and the solids were subject to ignition(550 °C) and there were 4.3 mg of residual solids left on the filter. Determine: a) Total solids (TS) b) Total volatile solids (TVS) c) Total suspended solids (TSS) d) Volatile suspended solids (VSS) e) Total dissolved solids (TDS) f) Volatile dis solved solids (VDS)

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