3. (Test advanced understanding of RSoft) Draw an asymmetric planar wave guide on RSoft such as the one showed in Figure 2. (10 marks) a) Run a thickness sweep (from 0.1 to 1 μm) for the propagating medium and plot the effective index as a function of the nitride thickness for the fundamental mode at 1550 nm. What are the effective indices in the limits (thickness-0 ) and (thickness - infinity) b) For a 1-um-thick silicon nitride layer, use monitors to determine the partial power on each layer for the fundamental mode. (2 marks) c) Repeat part b but for a silicon nitride layer thickness of 0.5 µm (2 marks). d) At what silicon nitride thickness do you start to see the first higher order mode? (1 mark) e) Repeat part b but for the first higher order mode and the thickness you just determined (2marks).

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