(30 MARKS) There are Four (4) essay questions in this question paper. Answer One (1) essay question only. All essay questions carry equal marks. 1. The strategic fit of supply chain management refers to the alignment of a company's supply chain strategy with its overall business strategy to achieve competitive advantage. However, achieving and maintaining this strategic fit can be challenging for companies due to various factors. Examine how companies can overcome FIVE (5) major challenges to achieving and maintaining strategic fit of supply chain management? (30 Marks) 2. Businesses that can optimize the drivers of supply chain management and align their supply chain strategy with their overall business strategy can achieve a competitive advantage and drive long-term success. Analyse FIVE (5) key drivers of supply chain performance, and how can companies optimize them to achieve competitive advantage? (30 Marks) 3. Choosing the right supply chain configuration is critical to achieving operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and long-term success. Distinguish FIVE (5) different supply chain configurations that companies can adopt to achieve operational and strategic goals, and how can they evaluate which configuration is best suited for their business? (30 Marks) 4. Lean supply chain approach is a strategy for managing the supply chain that emphasizes on value creation. Examine FIVE (5) ways how companies implement a lean supply chain approach to optimize their operations and achieve a competitive advantage, and what are the key strategies for successful implementation? (30 Marks)

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