4.12 You have been asked to design the pavement for an access highway to a major truck terminal. The design daily truck traffic consists of the following: 80 single axles at 22,500 lb each, 570 tandem axles at 25,000 lb each, 50 tandem axles at 39,000 lb each, and 80 triple axles at 48,000 lb each. The highway is to be designed with rigid pavement having a modulus of rupture of 600 lb/in² and a modulus of elasticity of 5 million lb/in². The reliability is to be 95%, the overall standard deviation is 0.4, the drainage coefficient is 0.9, APSI is 1.7 (with a TSI of 2.5), and the load transfer coefficient is 3.2. The modulus of in 200 11 3 If 30 1:6.

Fig: 1